LLF is fully operational during this health crisis to serve you and your communities. Please stay tuned to our Landlord Advocate broadcast notices for the latest updates on the fast-changing state of the law affecting your properties.

How to make the law work for you

The first step in making the law work for you is to ensure you fully understand it. Few attorneys in the state of Connecticut can say they are well-versed in Landlord/Tenant law and all the protections the law affords. The Landlord Law Firm is different. Our focus is on Landlord/Tenant law and how it protects the rights of the Landlord

We partner with property owners and owner organizations to fight for landlord rights. Collectively, we work to ensure that state and local politicians possess an understanding of the problems Landlords face each day. Together, our efforts will help to better protect properties, increase revenue, and ultimately boost the economies where Landlord properties are held.

Let our experienced team identify all the ways the law can help you and your business. Through a careful review of your current leases, business structure and internal processes, the Landlord Law Firm will help you maximize your profits while continually looking for ways to better protect your properties.