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Connecticut Property Management Consulting Firm

Providing Valuable Advice Regarding Property Management in Connecticut

Whether you are an individual who owns a single rental unit or you work for a property management company in charge of many different rental locations, you may have difficulty identifying the most productive and efficient manner of management to maximize your resources and profits. But there is no reason why you have to struggle through the process of researching and weighing operational solutions on your own when you have the highly experienced team at the Landlord Law Firm ready to assist you.

Our attorneys have assisted and represented all types of landlords for decades, giving them unique insights into the best practices for property management that can increase your returns on investments. We work closely with property owners and management companies to develop new policies and procedures, optimize existing systems, and regularly assess areas for adjustment and improvement, all while ensuring they are abiding by applicable laws and regulations.

For more information about our property management consulting services, please do not hesitate to call one of our landlord attorneys today.

Helping You From a Legal and Economic Perspective

You may think that lawyers are always strictly focused on legal requirements and disputes while consultants are focused on helping you increase the economic results of your property management company. With the unique knowledge and skill of the team at the Landlord Law Firm, however, we can provide trusted advice and counsel about both the legal and economic sides of property management.

Having one point of contact who can provide guidance about all such matters can save you time and money—and provide greater peace of mind that your property management systems are on the right track. The following are only some examples of issues about which we can provide advice.

Regulatory Compliance

Many different laws apply to landlord and property management actions on the local, state, and federal levels. Our attorneys are fully aware of all landlord-tenant laws that affect landlords in Connecticut and even advocate during the legislative process to improve those laws for you. With our knowledge of the law, we can review your management systems and records to ensure that your operational policies and practices are all in full compliance with all relevant and ever-changing laws.

Our team will then consult with yours about how to implement policies that are better in line with the law and that can help you prevent unnecessary fines, expenses, or liabilities. Noncompliance can be costly, so we want to proactively ensure your property management complies with the law.

Management Operations

Our attorneys not only understand the relevant laws but also understand best business practices to increase profits and preserve resources. By having consultants with both extensive business experience and legal knowledge, you can optimize your landlord and property management operations to increase your returns in many ways—including rent collection rates, cash flow management, and more. We will evaluate your operational policies and procedures to identify any area in which you may improve your efficiency and offer practical solutions for improvement, all while keeping the unique challenges of property ownership and management in mind.

Tenant Relations

Tenant relations is an essential part of owning or managing rental properties, and the majority of costly legal issues arise from your relationship with tenants. We can help with every stage of tenant relations, including:


  • Getting the right tenants – Finding appropriate tenants for your properties is vital to ensure you will receive the rent you’re owed and avoid legal action. We can advise you about legally compliant and effective advertisements, tenant applications and screenings, abiding by all fair housing requirements, and more.
  • Managing tenants – Positive relations with current tenants are important to ensure they abide by lease agreements and allow for others to properly enjoy their properties. Carefully conduct rent collection, tenant warnings, rent increases, and more with the advice of a professional consultant. Long-term tenants make you more money, so managing them to keep them means greater profit margins.
  • Ending a tenancy – When it is time to end a tenant relationship—whether by terminating a lease, refusing to renew a lease, or eviction—you should always consult with a professional to ensure you are within your rights under the law.


When to Take Legal Action

Landlords or property management companies can handle many situations without getting attorneys involved. However, in other scenarios, the prompt assistance of a legal professional is vital. With the consulting services of the Landlord Law Firm, you can rest assured that we will intervene with legal representation as soon as necessary to resolve conflicts in efficient manners. Some situations in which it is essential to seek legal help include:

  • You want to enforce a lease.
  • You want to evict a tenant.
  • A tenant is filing for bankruptcy.
  • You are under investigation for fair housing violations.
  • A claim has been filed against you for fair housing violations.
  • A claim has been filed for breach of the security deposit statutes.
  • You want to collect the money you are owed.

We can evaluate your situation and advise you when to take legal action or when it is necessary for our legal team to defend against any allegations you may face. Since we have your best interests and bottom line in mind, we will always seek the most efficient methods of resolving any disputes in which you find yourself.

Learn More About Our Property Management Consulting Services Today

The attorneys of the Landlord Law Firm are fully committed to helping Connecticut landlords and property management companies develop the most successful possible operations. With our consulting services, you can increase your bottom line while reducing the time you spend analyzing your own operational practices. Our unique background allows us to also ensure your practices are in full compliance with all necessary regulations, provide advice regarding legal matters, and represent you should legal conflicts arise.

To learn more about our extensive knowledge regarding Connecticut landlord laws and issues, please feel free to access our catalog with hundreds of articles focused on landlord advocacy issues. If you are ready to improve your property management efficiency, please don’t wait to call (203) 874-4747 or write to us to discuss our services further.