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CT Landlord/Tenant Laws


HUD Handbook


Rental Security Deposits


CT Selected Statutes:

Title 47a. Landlord & Tenant

Chapter 830 Rights and Responsibilities of Landlord and Tenant

  • 47a-7. Landlord’s responsibilities.
  • 47a-7a. Landlord and tenant responsibilities re bed bug infestations.
  • 47a-11. Tenant’s responsibilities.
  • 47a-16. When landlord may enter rented unit.

Chapter 831 Advance Rental Payment. Security Deposits

Chapter 832 Summary Process (Eviction)

  • 47a-23.  Notice to quit possession or occupancy of premises. Form. Delivery. Federal termination notice.
  • 47a-23a.Complaint.
  • 47a-23b. Service of notice to quit or summons if lessee a nonresident or if whereabouts unknown.
  • 47a-23c. Prohibition on eviction of certain tenants except for good cause.
  • 47a-26. Failure to Appear. Judgment.
  • 47a-26a. Failure to Plead. Judgment.

Chapter 833 Entry and Detainer

Chapter 833a Public Enforcement of Health and Safety Standards in Tenement and Boarding Houses, and in Rented Dwellings

Title 19a – Public Health and Well-Being

  • 19a-109. Heating and provision of utilities for buildings. Hot water. Termination of services

Title 8. Zoning, Planning, Housing, Economic and Community Development and Human Resources

  • Chapter 135 Uniform Relocation Assistance Act
    The purpose of this chapter is to establish a uniform policy for the fair and equitable treatment of persons displaced by the acquisition of real property by state and local land acquisition programs, by building code enforcement activities, or by a program of voluntary rehabilitation of buildings or other improvements conducted pursuant to governmental supervision.

Title 53a – Crimes
Chapter 952 – Penal Code: Offenses

Housing Discrimination

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Housing_discrimination_(United_States) Emotional Support Animals