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Legislative Advocates for Connecticut Landlords

Standing up for Landlord Rights Under the Law

The laws in Connecticut are thorough when it comes to setting out rights and requirements for both landlords and tenants. Such laws are the basis of many of the common allegations, challenges, or conflicts that arise with tenants. When a law is not in your favor in a particular legal matter, costly legal proceedings, liabilities, or other losses can significantly affect your personal or corporate bottom line.

While the legislature should always aim to be fair to landlords and tenants alike, many Connecticut laws continue to be skewed in favor of tenants, which can make certain actions and remedies difficult or impossible for landlords. At the Landlord Law Firm, however, we know there are always legislative opportunities to improve the landlord experience. For this reason, we are committed to actively facilitating constructive changes in the law.

Keeping You Informed

Being a landlord requires you to remain in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Among other things, landlord-tenant laws in Connecticut apply to:

  • >Permissible and prohibited terms in lease agreements
  • Unlawful discrimination or retaliation against tenants
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Bed bug infestations
  • Forms of rental payments
  • Fire alarms and sprinkler systems>
  • Legal remedies for landlords in many different situations
  • Permissible landlord entry to properties
  • Eviction procedures and rights

Some landlord laws may go against what you believe are common sense, and it can be all too easy to violate the law while thinking you are handling a specific situation in the proper manner. For this reason, you must stay fully aware of all relevant laws, and the guidance of our attorneys will ensure your compliance and prevent problems whenever possible.

Landlord laws can be even further complicated in Connecticut because the legislature can change certain provisions on a regular basis. It is all too common that a landlord violates a law or fails to exercise certain rights without knowing that the law changed.

At the Landlord Law Firm, we keep all of our clients fully informed of any legislative developments or changes so they can prepare for and adjust their procedures accordingly. We also regularly post updates to the law on our easy-to-access Landlord Advocate catalog, which includes hundreds of articles with information relevant to being a Connecticut landlord or property manager.

Fighting for Positive Legislative Changes

At the Landlord Law Firm, our number-one goal is always to protect the rights and interests of landlords in Connecticut to prevent any legal complications or unnecessary liabilities. We have found that one of the best ways to go about protecting your rights is to start at the root of those rights—the laws set out by the Connecticut legislature and enforced by regulatory agencies.

Our firm dedicates significant time to reviewing where potential changes in landlord-tenant law can significantly improve the experience of our landlord clients and to determine the best possible way of enacting change. We have extensive knowledge of the legislative process in our state, which gives our attorneys a great degree of success in achieving legislative changes. Landlords should always have active advocates before the state legislature. This is an important part of our legal practice because it is a major method of advocating for the rights of our clients.

Helping You Become Your Own Advocate

Even if you are not a landlord’s attorney, you can still become involved in effecting favorable legislative change in Connecticut. One way to do so is to contact a landlord organization that takes an active role in legislative change. Through such an organization, you can make your voice heard and input noted. The organization will present the opinions of Hartford landlords to the legislature in appropriate and professional ways.

Two such organizations in Connecticut that our firm may recommend are the Connecticut Apartment Association (“CTAA”) and the National Apartment Association (“NAA”). Those memberships can help you take proactive roles in expanding your own rights while we advocate for those rights through our legislative efforts.

Knowing That Changes Still Need to Be Made

At the Landlord Law Firm, we know that there is always room for improvement in Connecticut law regarding landlord rights. Even after a legislative victory, we will not become complacent, but will keep searching for additional changes that can favor our clients. This important part of our legal practice reduces legal issues and costs for our clients and is, therefore, a top priority for our legal team.

Consult With Our Highly Skilled Connecticut Landlord Lawyers for More Information

When you seek legal assistance as a landlord, you want to know that your attorney is committed to protecting landlord rights and is thoroughly knowledgeable regarding all of the nuances of landlord laws in Connecticut. At the Landlord Law Firm, we actively involve ourselves in the landlord-tenant legislation and regulations, which allows us to stay apprised of any potential changes in relevant laws and proactively fight for your best interests.

The primary goal of our firm is to improve your experience as a landlord and bring you as much success as possible. To learn more about the many ways the Landlord Law Firm in Hartford can assist you, please call our office at (203) 874-4747 today.