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Lease review and drafting

The lease is the single most important document you will ever sign as a Landlord – and throughout your career you will sign many of them. You need to make sure that your lease is doing all it can for you and providing you with all the protections allowed by law. It is always a good idea to periodically review your lease with your landlord attorney as the laws are constantly changing. This is especially true if you are using a “pre-fab” lease downloaded from the internet or purchased at a store. Often these documents are missing key legal language specific to the landlord’s state laws.

There are still many landlords who operate in a “handshake” fashion. If you are a landlord operating without a lease, we can help you evaluate your specific needs, in relation to your properties, to create a document that will suit your particulars and best serve your legal interests. You should not continue to lease your property to a tenant without a written lease. If there is ever a problem with your tenant, the cost to address the problem legally can be many times higher if you do not have a lease.

Let the Landlord Law Firm assist you in getting a solid, effective lease in place for all your tenants.