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Do I need an attorney?

You purchase insurance for your car just in case of an accident. You visit your doctor on a regular basis just to make sure you are in good health. You should have a landlord attorney to plan your real estate investments and prevent legal controversy with your tenants. Being a landlord should be profitable. However, undertaking this exciting venture alone can meet with some unexpected – and costly – pitfalls. Protect yourself and your investment by finding an attorney who understands a landlord’s needs.

From drafting a lease, to dealing with a problem tenant, there are dozens of legal situations which all landlords will eventually have to face. To the novice these can be daunting – and even dangerous – tasks. Not knowing how to proceed correctly can lead to catastrophic bills and legal damages. The Landlord Law Firm has the experience to meet your legal challenges with the precision of a finely tuned machine. Although the issues that arise may vary, we have the experience to know how to respond, and how to get you the results you need.