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Purchase evaluation

You need your investment to make a profit. After all, purchasing property that loses you money is not a sound investment. There are a number of questions you should consider when evaluating an investment property, including:

  • Is it in a good location?
  • Is it convenient to retail shops and public resources?
  • Is it well maintained?
  • Are the right amenities in place?
  • Is it rentable “as is” or will it need to be readied? If so, at what cost?
  • Does the property currently have good tenants?
  • How well it will be received by the rental market?

These, along with many other questions, need to be answered carefully and thoughtfully in order to accurately assess the viability and profitability of any investment property.

An attorney is a good resource to have at your disposal during this evaluation. The experience of The Landlord Law Firm will help you uncover the potentials and pitfalls of a property and help you consider this information from the perspective of a seasoned property owner and landlord. Our experience will ensure you ask the vital questions, and gather the essential answers you need to make the right decision.