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What Rights Do I Have as a Landlord?

As a landlord you have considerable rights. However, so does your tenant. Conflict between your rights and those of your tenant can translate into an expensive trip to the courthouse. Properly protecting your interests with a sound lease and good advice from a landlord attorney will go a long way towards making a profitable and enjoyable venture out of your property investment.

A strong lease, coupled with your landlord attorney’s advice, will give you efficient and cost-effective strategies to enforce your rights – while ensuring your tenant is honoring their obligations as negotiated in the lease.

As a landlord, your most powerful right is to retake possession of the property when your tenant does not fulfill his/her obligations. This process, however, is a very strict process, and any violation of its rules creates cost and stress for the property owner. Be certain you have the strength and experience of The Landlord Law Firm by your side to help protect your landlord rights.