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How do I deal with tenant complaints?

Your tenants are complaining but you do not believe their complaints are legitimate or they are complaining about another tenant. What are you supposed to do?

Having the right attorney on your side is critical when dealing with tenant complaints. Not only can they help you determine the legitimacy of a complaint, but can also aid in implementing the best and most decisive response.

As a landlord, you should treat your rental properties as a business. And as with all business relationships, each interaction you have with your tenants should be documented as completely as possible. The law never rests upon “he said, she said” and Landlord-Tenant law is no exception. As complaints arise, it is critical that you have all of your facts and conversations documented should it become necessary to go to court. Most importantly, make sure you deal with all complaints directly and efficiently – they may affect your ability to collect rent or retain other tenants in the future.