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I’m Thinking About Purchasing an Investment Property

You want to purchase investment property, but are not sure where to start; you found a property that you are interested in, but are struggling to take the next step. Deciding to purchase investment property is not an easy process – it involves sophisticated decisions and has far reaching implications. What type of property should you chose? What are your financing options? How do you prevent and address potential problem tenants? Do you keep the existing tenants? What do you look for during the inspection? What if you decide its not right for you and want to cancel the deal? With considered answers to these and other questions, you can take the step from thinking about purchasing an investment property, to becoming a real estate investor.

Choosing the right attorney to work with you from the start is essential. An attorney will know the answers to your questions and concerns and will guide you confidently through the process. Your attorney will also help you identify other professionals and vendors you will need as a purchaser and as a new investment property owner. You should choose an attorney who knows about landlord rights so that you are not relying on a professional whose focus is distracted by other types of clients.