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I’m Thinking About Renting My Property

You have a vacant property and you want to turn it into income. You are about to become a landlord and haven’t the slightest clue what to do first. Finding a tenant is not the first step. Rather, preparing to do so is – and in so doing, will greatly improve your chances of finding the right tenant and building a sound, professional relationship.

There are a number of steps in the process. You will need to prepare an appropriate lease. You will need a rental application that is compliant with all applicable laws. You will need a financial system in place to track the income and expenses of your new venture. You will need to arrange for managing the property once it is rented, either by yourself or with the assistance of a management company. By putting these systems in place before you start looking for a tenant, you will be prepared for any situation that may arise once you begin.

The Landlord Law Firm will assist you with all of these steps and can make your venture as a landlord easier, safer and, ultimately, more rewarding. We can also assist you should that perfect tenant fall off the pedestal and your relationship sours.