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Melissa Bennett

Leaving an extended career in health care, Melissa joined our firm more than fourteen years ago, looking for change and opportunity.  We immediately gave her the change.  She, through hard work and dedication, created the opportunity for herself.  

Beginning her career at the Landlord Law Firm as a secretary, Melissa quickly expanded her knowledge and earned a spot as a real estate paralegal.  When opportunity further presented itself, she grew into a position in the firm’s Operations Department where she was responsible for a plethora of duties – from vendor relations to Human Resources. Since that wasn’t enough, Melissa then took on additional accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities which she continues to perform to this day.

However, there is a hidden side to Melissa.  When not at LLF, you can usually find Melissa busy with one of her two other loves – shopping and kids sports. 

First, shopping.  While we won’t dwell too long on this side of Melissa, we feel she has raised the bar on “shopping as a sport.”  In fact, most malls have set aside personal parking spots just for her.  Enough said…

Second, kids sports.  Melissa, a CT native, is the proud mother of two.  When not shopping, she can usually be found leading the cheers at her children’s sporting events, whether it be at a little league field or the varsity high school basketball baseball gym.  Considering her children’s talents, Melissa gets to do that more than most.

When planning a temporary escape from the life of baseballs, footballs, basketballs and shopping bags, Melissa and her family typically choose Florida’s sunny coast, where they visit with family and friends.  Truth be told, she’s probably shopping down there too…