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Administrative Wonder

Rosana Villanueva

Rosana a/k/a Rossy, was raised in Long Island, New York and lived there almost all her life. She worked as an interpreter/receptionist for a pro-bono firm in LI, but that could not hold a candle to her favorite position working for the police of Long Beach, NY. There she would patrol the beach and boardwalk, enforcing beach policy for all of the beach visitors. If someone was violating any policy, Rossy would issue a summons to the violator who would then be held to account for their breach. This could not have been better training for her current position as part of the LLF team. We are lucky she got tired of NY.
In her free time, Rossy loves to draw cartoon characters, hang out with her friends and expand her language skills. One of her goal’s for 2018 is to be able to speak/understand Greek.
Rosana joined the Landlord Law Firm Team in November 2017. She has been a marvelous addition to our team and really enjoys working with such phenomenal people (I am sure she means the clients) and looks forward to expanding her roles and responsibilities with LLF.