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Client Relations Specialist

Sam Sagnella

Sam Sagnella joined the Landlord Law Firm Team in 2016, Sam made a quick impression in the office and with our clients. Our clients rave about his attentiveness to their inquiries and his tenacity for collecting necessary information to help the LLF Team protect our client’s rights.

Sam grew up in Westport, Connecticut and Bozeman, Montana, attended college in Norman, Oklahoma, and currently resides in East Norwalk, CT. Even at his age, Sam brings a broad geographical perspective to his role at the Landlord Law Firm. At the University of Oklahoma, Sam studied meteorology and uses that training to make sure we are well prepared for snow days and beach days. Any weather requests for Sam should be submitted in writing, 6-months in advance, with a proper notary affixed. Otherwise, Sam says just wait a couple days and the weather is sure to change.

Sam spends his free time pursuing photography, travel and music. And, his passion for meteorology has him storm chasing when he can find a good storm worth pursuing.

Sam has assumed his role and responsibilities with the LLF Team with that same passion that chases storms. He is sure to catch you up in his whirlwind of positivity and desire to excel.