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Anne Harvey

Anne Harvey was first introduced to Robert and the Landlord Law Firm through a business networking opportunity in 2005. Being the owner of a local computer training and support company, Anne quickly impressed LLF with her knowledge and skills both in IT and overall business management. Consulting with LLF was no longer an option. LLF wanted to improve technologically so the firm lured her away from her entrepreneurial pursuits and signed her up as the firm’s Business Manager. Anne was immediately tasked with overseeing the majority of the day-to-day “back office” operations.

Unbeknownst to LLF was that the firm was competing for Anne’s attention in what would ultimately be a losing battle. In 2008, she made the decision to transplant herself to the warmer climate and cool trade winds of Florida where she could keep a perpetual tan in the Florida sun. She has remained with the firm to remotely support functions ranging from evaluating and implementing the growing technology offerings the firm has for its clients to managing client transition data in our system.

Anne holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Sacred Heart University and resides in Myakka City, FL – where the town’s only stop light is over 8 miles away. She and her husband Rick, share their six-acre farm with their two dogs, four cats, two horses, and enough computers to keep her seamlessly integrated with LLF – even when it’s snowing in CT.

When not supporting the firm or feeding one of their many animals, Anne enjoys boating on the Gulf and riding her motorcycle through the Florida back country.

Lori Arsenault

Meet Lori Arsenault – dubbed our most personable and intelligent “Paralegal Extraordinaire”.

Growing up in Springfield, MA, Lori graduated Magna Cum Laude from Western New England College in Springfield, MA with a Bachelor of Science Degree with a concentration in Marketing. Through various forks in the road, Lori redirected her career to the legal profession and luckily for us, found herself in Connecticut and at the Landlord Law Firm, where she’s been an integral part of our team for the past 13 years.

Lori’s true passions (aside from generating Notice to Quits) are:
• Her daughter Shaina – a Hotelie at Cornell University and
• Following warm, ocean breezes to exotic tropical locations.

Lori volunteers her time for the City of Milford’s Adaptive Ballet program, which stages The Nutcracker Suite each year around the Christmas Holidays, sewing costumes, gathering toe shoes, and ferrying other dancers to and from practice.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with Lori in our office, please take a moment to introduce yourself. She is a gem and will certainly put a smile on your face.

Melissa Bennett

Leaving an extended career in health care, Melissa joined our firm more than fourteen years ago, looking for change and opportunity.  We immediately gave her the change.  She, through hard work and dedication, created the opportunity for herself.  

Beginning her career at the Landlord Law Firm as a secretary, Melissa quickly expanded her knowledge and earned a spot as a real estate paralegal.  When opportunity further presented itself, she grew into a position in the firm’s Operations Department where she was responsible for a plethora of duties – from vendor relations to Human Resources. Since that wasn’t enough, Melissa then took on additional accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities which she continues to perform to this day.

However, there is a hidden side to Melissa.  When not at LLF, you can usually find Melissa busy with one of her two other loves – shopping and kids sports. 

First, shopping.  While we won’t dwell too long on this side of Melissa, we feel she has raised the bar on “shopping as a sport.”  In fact, most malls have set aside personal parking spots just for her.  Enough said…

Second, kids sports.  Melissa, a CT native, is the proud mother of two.  When not shopping, she can usually be found leading the cheers at her children’s sporting events, whether it be at a little league field or the varsity high school basketball baseball gym.  Considering her children’s talents, Melissa gets to do that more than most.

When planning a temporary escape from the life of baseballs, footballs, basketballs and shopping bags, Melissa and her family typically choose Florida’s sunny coast, where they visit with family and friends.  Truth be told, she’s probably shopping down there too…

Rosana Villanueva

Rosana a/k/a Rossy, was raised in Long Island, New York and lived there almost all her life. She worked as an interpreter/receptionist for a pro-bono firm in LI, but that could not hold a candle to her favorite position working for the police of Long Beach, NY. There she would patrol the beach and boardwalk, enforcing beach policy for all of the beach visitors. If someone was violating any policy, Rossy would issue a summons to the violator who would then be held to account for their breach. This could not have been better training for her current position as part of the LLF team. We are lucky she got tired of NY.
In her free time, Rossy loves to draw cartoon characters, hang out with her friends and expand her language skills. One of her goal’s for 2018 is to be able to speak/understand Greek.
Rosana joined the Landlord Law Firm Team in November 2017. She has been a marvelous addition to our team and really enjoys working with such phenomenal people (I am sure she means the clients) and looks forward to expanding her roles and responsibilities with LLF.

Sam Sagnella

Sam Sagnella joined the Landlord Law Firm Team in 2016, Sam made a quick impression in the office and with our clients. Our clients rave about his attentiveness to their inquiries and his tenacity for collecting necessary information to help the LLF Team protect our client’s rights.

Sam grew up in Westport, Connecticut and Bozeman, Montana, attended college in Norman, Oklahoma, and currently resides in East Norwalk, CT. Even at his age, Sam brings a broad geographical perspective to his role at the Landlord Law Firm. At the University of Oklahoma, Sam studied meteorology and uses that training to make sure we are well prepared for snow days and beach days. Any weather requests for Sam should be submitted in writing, 6-months in advance, with a proper notary affixed. Otherwise, Sam says just wait a couple days and the weather is sure to change.

Sam spends his free time pursuing photography, travel and music. And, his passion for meteorology has him storm chasing when he can find a good storm worth pursuing.

Sam has assumed his role and responsibilities with the LLF Team with that same passion that chases storms. He is sure to catch you up in his whirlwind of positivity and desire to excel.